A system of reading to learn how to channel the light codes of the Masters of the Karmic Board.
The “Sacred Book of Life” reading past, present and future lives. It is a method of channeling, for the purpose of re-contacting the teachers and spiritual guides and full awareness of the Being.


The Akashic Records, also called “The Holy Book of Life” is a method of channeling so that humans learn or remember back, and be in touch with teachers and spiritual leaders for guidance in intense accelerated healing, learning that the soul is brought to our beloved land, to be fully aware of being to successfully navigate the sacred path of life.

The Holy Book of Life is in the Akasha. In Sanskrit word Akasha, means “primary file of the Soul”. This file is all the experiences of our souls: past, present and future (taking into account the time and space are third dimensional symbolism that does not concern the Soul) plans and / or lessons you’ve chosen, and how to develop this in your environment.

Using this method of channeling, you’ll connect with spiritual teachers to ask for guidance. This technique promotes understanding in your life.

Benefits of accessing the Akashic Records include learning:
– How to take positive actions
– How to have creative responses
– How to be in healthy, satisfying relationships
– How to successfully solve challenges
– How to connect deeply with the Divine in all things, including yourself

The Akashic Record offers deep levels of guidance. The information supports you in living your life from your authentic essence. You become aware of your choices and move into wholeness.


Individual sessions:

The openings of the Books of Life, is made through a meditation, and with the book open, we can ask about: a topic which we want to know more or have more understanding, our past lives, present and future, to have new tools, find answers, or images of any conflict, our doubts and fears, feelings and hunches confirmed….

In the first level you start to open your own book and get in touch with the Masters of the Akashic Records and the Karmic Board. They are the beings of Light assisting us lovingly before birth and from the soul plane. In the second, you learn to open the books of others. And finally, the Master level for initiations.
I advise those who want to make a first level, make the first opening of his book, to have more knowledge that is so and so, see if you feel in harmony with this channeling system.

Personally, it has been a re-connecting with teachers and guides to know that we are not alone on planet Earth and they join us in our processes and personal growth.



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